Maintaining Certification

To maintain your CFMP in good standing you must:

Continuing education programs do not require pre-approval by the ABA Professional Certifications. However, a program must relate to one or more knowledge areas derived from the CFMP Exam Outline.

If you earn excess CE credits over the course of your 3-year CE cycle, ABA Professional Certifications will automatically carry over to the next CE cycle up to 11.25 credits (1/3 of your total CE requirement).

Calculating Continuing Education Credits

Calculate CE credits for programs not pre-approved by ABA Professional Certifications, by using this formula: Fifty (50) minutes of instruction equals one (1) credit. Round up this number to the nearest quarter credit. Do not include breaks or meal functions; motivational speeches; business meetings; introductory remarks; non-guided, unstructured group discussions; or award presentations or receptions. (Example: 60 minutes of instruction divided by 50 = 1.20.  Round to 1.25)

Types of Programs that Qualify for Credit


How Do I Report my CE credits?

Please enter your continuing education credits at

Participate in a “How to Maintain My ABA Professional Certifications Certification” Webinar

ABA Professional Certifications holds regularly scheduled webinars on “How to Maintain My ABA Professional Certifications Certification” which will help guide you in the CE credit submission process. Follow the link for additional information or to register.