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Seeking Stories on #America’s Banks

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by Young
February 9, 2018

An ABA Opportunity

ABA is revising the website for America’s Banks, which is our reputational campaign to communicate a positive image about banks and the important role they play in economic growth and job creation. The goal and message of the campaign remain the same. But, we want to convey this through real life stories and examples of what banks are doing to help their customers and communities.

We need your help compiling material that we can use on the site. We are looking for compelling customer stories, testimonials, photos and videos that show what banks and bankers do for their customers to make their dreams come true and improve their lives. This includes consumer and business customers. If you have material that you would like to submit for the site, please send it to us by February 16.

Instructions for submitting your material are below, along with examples of the type of material we are seeking. You may also pass this along to any of your colleagues at the bank.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy Wertlieb at 202-663-7504.

Examples of material needed.

  • Thank you notes from customers, particularly regarding loans they received from the bank
  • Customer testimonials showing appreciation for the bank and how they helped them
  • Video footage including business openings as a result of a loan received from a bank, loan approvals or other events
  • Customer or bank photos such as an individual with a new car, keys to a new home or a business opening
  • Written stories (or details that we can turn into a story) about customers and how the bank helped them get a loan, open or expand a business, stop fraud on their account, etc.
  • Bank employees – compelling stories and photos about bank employees, such as a veteran hired by the bank or an employee who went above and beyond for a customer or the community they live in

Instructions for submitting your material.

  • Visit
  • Click on the Upload via File Drop button
  • Fill out the required fields of first and last name, email address, and phone number.
  • Upload your material. Please submit compressed files that include your bank’s name.
  • Fill out the comment box. Type Marketing-Amy Wertlieb, America’s Banks.
  • Click Upload button

Email Amy Wertlieb at or 202-663-7504 with any questions.